Car seat safety

Did you know?

All drivers are responsible for ensuring passengers under the age of 16 are properly secured in a child car safety seat, booster seat or seatbelt (including grandparents, babysitters, visitors to Ontario, etc).  Violators are subject to a $240.00 fine and 2 demerit points.

 Contact the company that made your child's car seat or booster seat for more Info

Carseat Manufacturer Telephone
Britax Child Safety, Inc. 1-888-427-4829
Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc. (includes Cosco, Safety1st, Eddie Bauer) 1-800-387-2229
Evenflo Company, Inc. 1-937-773-3971
Graco Canada (distributed by Elfe Juvenile in Canada) 1-800-667-8184
Magna Aftermarket, Inc. (maker of clek brand) 1-866-656-2462
Peg-Perego Canada 1-800-661-5050
Diono Canada 1-866-954-9786


Car manufacturer Telephone
BMW Canada (includes Land Rover) 1-800-567-2691
Daimler Chrysler Canada (includes Jeep, Dodge) 1-800-465-2001
Ford Motor Company of Canada (includes Lincoln) 1-800-565-3673
General Motors Canada (includes Chevrolet, Saab, Saturn, Pontiac, Cadillac, Buick, Hummer) 1-800-463-7483
Honda Canada (includes Acura) 1-888-922-8729
Hyundai Canada 1-800-461-8242
Kia Canada 1-877-542-2886
Mazda Canada 1-800-263-4680
Mercedes-Benz Canada 1-800-387-0100
Mini 1-866-378-6464
Mitsibishi Motors Canada 1-888-576-4878
Nissan Canada 1-800-387-0122
Subaru Canada 1-800-894-4212
Toyota Canada 1-888-869-6828
Volkswagen Canada 1-800-822-8987
Volvo Canada 1-800-663-8255




Call St John Ambulance for an appointment

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Manufacturers give an expiry or useful life date because over time:

•Frequent use and exposure to sunlight can damage and weaken plastic;
Safe-use labels on the products fade or become hard to read;
Instruction manuals have likely been lost;
Food, cleaners, drinks and other materials that have been spilled or used on webbing, buckles, adjusters and other parts may prevent them from working safely;
The history or condition of the car seat or booster seat becomes hard to check (was it in a crash, was it stored in a place or in a way that caused damage to parts, etc.?);
Safety regulations and standards may have changed, so safer products may now be on the market; and
Second or subsequent owners may not get product safety recall notices if problems arise.

In Canada, all provinces and territories require infants and toddlers to be buckled up in the appropriate car seat. Several provinces also require booster seats for children who have outgrown a child car seat but are too small for a regular seat belt. The provincial and territorial laws also say that the children's car seats and booster seats must be certified to Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you don't follow the instructions or if you use them past their expiry or useful life dates - you may be putting your child’s safety at risk and you may be found guilty of breaking the law.


Please see Transport Canada for car seat recalls.